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Meta Trader 4 (MT4)

Hello my dear readers. I hope you enjoyed reading my last article. As we discussed about the Major Currency Pairs in the last article, you are now aware of the pairs on which you have to trade. Today, we will look into the most famous online trading platform of Forex market. There are many online trading platforms available for mobile and desktop both. Some of them include Mirror Trader, Ninja Trader, Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5 but I prefer Meta Trader 4.

Meta Trader 4 (MT4):
Meta Trader 4 or MT4 is an online Forex trading platform available for desktop as well as mobile devices. It was developed by MetaQoutes Software Company. It has almost every available feature including Expert Advise (EA) feature. It has a high speed processing time so that you can execute your trade at that particular instant. It has a discussion and news forum where you can get updates to the latest Forex news. It has a wide range of indicators including the basic and the most advanced one. I have used many indicators in Meta Trader 4. Some of the most used indicators are listed below:

§        Average Directional Movement Index
§        Bollinger Bands
§        Moving Average
§        MACD
§        Momentum
§        Relative Strength Index
§        Volumes
§        Fractals
§        Alligators

It has a feature of viewing the currency pair chart in different time frames to get an idea of the moving trend. The available time frame options to view the Forex chart of any pair in Meta Trader 4 are:

§        1 minute chart
§        5 minutes chart
§        15 minutes chart
§        30 minutes chart
§        1 hour chart
§        4 hours chart
§        1 day chart
§        1 week chart
§        1 month chart

It offers free demo-account for practising purpose so the new traders learn trading and can do practise in that account to make them ready before investing in real account and facing the high risk of losing their money.

It supports many brokers around the world. I must say it is one of the most reliable and best platforms of online Forex trading. If you are a new trader, start with a free account in Meta Trader 4 to experience it yourself and if you are an experienced trader then you must have used Meta Trader 4 so we need your valuable feedback about it. We appreciate the valuable feedback of our readers. Thank you very much.

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